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Looking for high-quality asphalt roofing services for your home or business? Trust Roof Doctor! Our expert team offers top-notch roofing services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, using only the highest quality materials and techniques.

We understand the importance of having a quality and long-lasting asphalt roof to protect your property from the elements. When you choose Roof Doctor, you are choosing an award-winning roofer that is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, reliable workmanship, and competitive pricing. With our expertise and safety record, you can rest assured that your roofing needs will be met with the utmost safety and attention to detail in mind. Our professional roofing crews serve more than just Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, we also cover all of British Columbia and Southern Alberta. 

So, if you're looking for professional and reliable asphalt roofing services, look no further than Roof Doctor. Contact us today to learn more and request a free estimate.


Asphalt roof shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing materials due to their cost effectiveness, durability and protection from the elements. They come in a wide array of styles and colours to suit your personal taste. Roof Doctor uses quality asphalt roofing materials with industry-leading warranties from top suppliers such as Certainteed.  

Here are a few different types of asphalt shingles that you can get:

Fiberglass laminate shingles: These are also known as architectural shingles and are thicker and more durable than the discontinued 3-Tab style shingles. They have a multi-dimensional appearance with varying shapes and sizes that create a more textured look. Most Architectural shingles also have a copper compound built into the granules to help prevent the formation of algae.

Designer shingles: As the name suggests, they are the premium type of dimensional shingle that can mimic the look of natural materials such as wood, slate, or tile. They are made of multiple layers of asphalt and have a thicker and heavier appearance than the standard Architectural shingles to enhance their appearance and durability. They are a high-end option for homeowners looking for a stylish, longer-lasting roofing solution.

No matter what kind of roofing services you require, Roof Doctor is here to help! Our multi-award-winning roofing company has completed hundreds of commercial and residential roofing projects throughout British Columbia and Southern Alberta and we will provide you with the perfect roofing solution for your climate. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a personalized plan that fits your budget.


Our team offers top-notch roofing solutions throughout British Columbia and Southern Alberta for residential and commercial clients.

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